samedi 8 janvier 2011

Time to work

Sur l'air de "Does your mother know" de Abba.

Nine o’clock
Monday morning
And I already wish  that night was over the buildings
Oh I long for the evening
Shake some hands
Drink a coffee
And I feel as if you were present in all I see
I cannot wait to flee

Refrain :
Time to work, time to hurry
Now it's time to worry
But tonight I will be happy
Sure my boss's gonna kill me
Sure I have no money
But tonight you will be with me.

Twelve o’clock
Meeting again
I look through the window at those people running in the rain
You might be among them
Business lunch
I'm quite shy
But it occurs to no one  to ask about my stupid smile
Tonight you'll be surprised


More e-mails
More phone calls
Men and women struggling hard to reach their goals
But to me you are all
But at last
It's closing time
Is there in the world someone more impatient than I am ?
Tonight you will be mine.


Juin 2011 : DieseT#ne  a joué ce titre avec une musique originale et compte (aux dernières nouvelles) l'intégrer à son répertoire.

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