mardi 24 mai 2011


Alice is different, like many others
Something is burning inside her
She feels like she must go further
The bluish and pinkish life before her

She dreams of Wonderland
Every night and every hour
Of a world with some more colour
She goes to Wonderland
Trying to keep her innocence
In a world loosing its balance

Alice lost a friend today
Seems like they were not on the same way
She could'nt help, she could'nt stay
There was something much too grey


Alice drank a lot tonight
She thought she would avoid the fight
She dances dances as if it was alright
Out of despair soiling the white


Alice dreams of something more
Whatever worth living for
An ideal, an aim, a core
To help her overcome the dark war

Contrat Creative Commons

3 commentaires:

  1. Super chanson Charlotte!

    Tu devrais regarder ce vidéo d'un français, c'est trop ''mdr XD'' :

  2. Thank you the Bernds ^^ Have fun on KC!